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Out of the bed and into the kitchen Winfred E. Eye throw bits and pieces into a pan and call it The Blues.

The current lineup is Aaron Calvert, Mikel Garmendia, Craig Adams, and Rich Douthit. The Oakland, California band has issued four recordings.  

The band does play, and has performed with Will Oldham, Smog, Modest Mouse, Jesse Sykes and The Sweet Hereafter, The Handsome Family, Black Heart Procession Mia Doi Todd, and Quasi. Watch for them in your town some time soon and lock your liquor cabinet.

Like light through a cracked door during a Sunday afternoon, Winfred E. Eye offers equal helpings of grip and release. Finish your breakfast, throw the wet napkin in the garbage, and walk outside.

Previous contributors include:
Andy Ward
Chandan Narayan
Dax Pierson
Josh Kilbourn
Steve Ruecker
J. Crane
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