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There's a small river that winds behind the apartment complex where I live. It goes under several streets and pathways, and all the way out to the ocean on the other side of town. During the summer little kids play on the rocks next to it, and it even goes right under a busy street with four lanes going both ways that connects to a freeway on-ramp.

There's a man made waterfall at one section of it, and at night they light that up with colored lights. But for a waterfall, the colors are just sinister -- dark violet, dark blue, dark gold, and then this pink that makes me kind of sick to look at. Actually, all the colors make me kind of sick. They look like the bottom of the ocean. When its hot during the summer there are all these dragonflies buzzing around it. Swarms of them. Imagine all those dragonflies and those colors behind them.

But the interesting part is that not far from the waterfall, under the street/bridge thing is a little garden. I think it was planted by the owner of a restaurant nearby. Just some lettuce, onion and a few other things. I don't know how it grows because as far as anyone can see, there's no light that gets to it. Unless it's coming on during an hour I'm just never around. It's like the garden grows on its own. Without sun. Could it be growing from that sickening light?

That garden reminds me of Winfred E. Eye. The thing grows by itself somehow and just keeps moving along. The light might make you a little uneasy. But when you eat it, it's good. You don't have to think about where or how it comes from.

Aaron Tassano